Kaja Green-Tovar

My mission is to help others live an optimally healthy, balanced, & poised lifestyle. I am passionate about living well, learning, and exchanging information about  health and wellness. 

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Your physical health and wellness is vital to an optimal quality of life! 

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All you need is space, running shoes (sneakers), and the willingness to sweat.  -Kaja Green-Tovar

You CAN reach your goals. I WILL HELP YOU!

-Kaja Green-Tovar

There are many tools and resources to reaching your goals. Identify them and utilize them.

-Kaja Green-Tovar

5 Exercises to Incorporate Into Your Day:

1) Engage Abdominal Muscle (Pull belly button into the spine.)
2) Perform Wall Push-ups (Or do regular or modified push-ups.)
3) Do arm circles (30 seconds forward; 30 seconds backward) 
4) Lunge from room to room (Or walk on your toes from room to room.) 
5) Ankle Alphabet (Take turns simulating writing the alphabet with each foot.)
Additional exercises include but are definitely NOT limited to:
  • Standing Leg Circles
  • Oblique Twists
  • Burpees
  • In-place Marching
  • Stretching Exercise