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Every Action Step Counts

by Kaja Green-Tovar

According to, the term goal is defined as 'result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.'Goals vary by type as they can be personal, professional, educational, or spiritual. They also vary by time frame (short- or long-term), as well as varying by the level of difficulty (very easy to extremely difficult). Whatever the goal, action steps are required for achievement and manifestation.

First of all, be sure that  your goal is SMART: Specific (clearly defined); Measurable (results of on your progress or achievement can be clearly evaluated); Achievable (you have the tools, resources, capabilities to achieve your goal, or you know where to get help/guidance); Realistic (any obstacles will be overcome); and Time-based (you have a suspense date or frequency for the goal or experience you wish to achieve).

After clearly determining your goal and gathering your resources and information it will be time to TAKE ACTION and DO what is required to make your goal a reality. Okay, now that we established your goal is SMART, let us talk about taking action steps toward obtaining your goal.

Desiring to achieve your goal and taking time visualize and plan for it to manifest are all vitally important steps; however, additional action steps are required!

Let us simulate a goal. The simulated goal is a reduction in your body fat percentage  from 30% to 22% (specific) and (measurable). You have already determined the gym you will attend as well as how you will work this time into your schedule (achievable). Additionally, you have no health reasons why you can not fully participate in an exercise regimen and healthy diet (realistic), and you have determined to accomplish this goal within 3 months (time-based).

The actions steps required may include some of the following:

  • Putting your gym/exercise time on your schedule
  • Positive self-talk to overcome negativity from other people who may accuse you of getting thin for reasons they only assume or imagine
  • Charting your progress in a notebook, journal, spreadsheet
  • Interacting with people who motivate you

The above are some action steps that may be required. Many more steps may be required but I will not list them all for this example. Besides, the action steps for achieving this goal may not be the same for everyone; however, you do comprehend that action is required to achieve what you want

Small action steps are always better than no action step at all. Think about this way, if you take the tiniest action step you will be a tiny bit closer to your goal and that will be much closer than no step at all.

Of course, there may be periods of inactivity but only stay still long enough to rest or contemplate your next step then get going again!

Every action step counts! When pursuing your goal, every action step is a step closer to the end result you want to obtain.

Best wishes for your optimal health and wellness,

Kaja Green-Tovar