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My mission is to help others live an optimally healthy, balanced, & poised lifestyle. I am passionate about living well, learning, and exchanging information about  health and wellness. 

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 Get sleek, slender, toned legs at any age!

Often I am asked about the workout routine I used for my toned, slender legs; especially, since I am over 35 years old and was over 20 lbs overweight in the past.  I enjoy sharing my workout routine to get the sleek look of my legs because I am proof that you can achieve this look with the right lower body workout at any age. 

First of all, while it helps to have access to the gym, you CAN accomplish lean, toned legs in at home, in the park, or in your office using only body weight exercises. 

Additionally, do not neglect cardiovascular activities such as brisk walking, jogging, skating, snowboarding, cycling with an increased resistance setting, hiking, trail-walking and other activities. 

If you are exercising indoors, the following exercises listed in the table below can be used to sculpt your legs into the beautiful, lean, toned look you crave.

 NOTE: Table coming soon! This page is under construction. Thank you for your patience.