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Consistency is Key to Obtaining Your Goals

by Kaja Green-Tovar

6 January 2013

Consistency is key to obtaining any goal. When you sign up for personal training sessions you are wonderfully

acknowledging that you are ready to do what it takes to improve your health and wellness. 

To succeed in your endeavor for self-improvement you must consistently take the necessary actions to garner

the results you desire to achieve

Just as you are sure to eat, take a bath, brush your teeth, or watch your favorite television program, you must be

sure to schedule time for working out and making sure healthy food choices are available in your residence.

To gain the best results from your investment with personal training, you must be consistent in order to grow and


Think about it. When you spend time with me, your trainer, on a regular basis, you feel more competent about

your knowledge of the proper techniques and exercise forms, and feel empowered to execute the exercises on 

your own. The procurement of self-efficacy leads to lifestyle changes that result in continuous optimal health

and wellness. 

Ways to be more consistent include but are not limited to:

  • Schedule time for working out. Of course you will need to be flexible about this in case something really

          important comes up.

  • Determine WHY you want to exercise. Remind yourself of the reason you workout and eat well when you

          don't feel like adhering to your exercise regimen. Perhaps you want to prevent or recover from an injury.

          Or maybe you want to age well or increase your stamina.

  • Write it down. Whatever your reason is, jot it down on a note card and place it where you will see on a daily


Best wishes for your endeavors to improve your health and wellness! - Kaja Green-Tovar 


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