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My mission is to help others live an optimally healthy, balanced, & poised lifestyle. I am passionate about living well, learning, and exchanging information about  health and wellness. 

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The message below was originally sent to my clients on Novemeber 16, 2012. I am posting it here for all to read for the purpose of motivation for consistency in our efforts for improved health and wellness. -Kaja Green-Tovar

5 January 2013

Greetings Fellow Fitness Enthusiasts!
Like bathing, taking steps towards optimal health is required on a daily basis.

Examples for taking steps towards optimal health include, but is not limited to

 the following:

**Eat mindfully (stay within the recommended portion sizes, monitor your

 caloric intake, consume nutrient dense foods).

**Take time to exercise (take a walk, visit the gym, stretch during commercials

 - stay active).

**Watch the calories in beverages (remember that when the body takes in

 more than it expends, the result is storage in the form of fat. This goes for too

 many calories from beverages as well.).

**Drink plenty of water (H20 has zero calories and it's good for your body).

**Rest (The body needs adequate rest to function properly. When you get a

 good night's rest you feel great. When you have trouble sleeping you don't

 feel so great the following day. You KNOW this so get your rest).

**Take a multivitamin as we do not always get the recommended amounts of

 nutrients from our food (speak with your dietician or healthcare provider for a

 recommendations on the best multivitamin for you)

**Relax (dance, visit a park, friend, color in a book, or draw picture - do

 something that relaxes you)

I could go on but you're probably ready to go relax, or take other steps

towards optimal wellness. Smile

Best wishes for your optimal health and wellness! -Kaja