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My mission is to help others live an optimally healthy, balanced, & poised lifestyle. I am passionate about living well, learning, and exchanging information about  health and wellness. 

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Your physical health and wellness is vital to an optimal quality of life! 

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Select Your Inspiration!

Greetings Fitness Enthusiasts!

The photo above was taken during the Komen Acadian 5K walk/run event in Alexandria, LA on 19 Oct 2013.

My friend is wearing the names of the two women who inspired her to participate in the 5K event. One of the women is her mother who passed away because of breast cancer. The loss of her mother inspired her to participate in the 5K Run/Walk Fundraiser event for breast cancer research, treatment, and prevention.

Perhaps you are inspired by athletes, family members, and peers. Or something you learned from a health-care professional! 

Get in the spirit of taking charge of your health and well-being. Select YOUR inspiration, YOUR reason for being proactive about YOUR physical fitness and overall health and wellness.

Best wishes for your optimal health and wellness!

Kaja Green-Tovar