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Do What You Can

Greetings Fitness Enthusiasts!

The photo above was taken during the Komen Acadian 5K walk/run event in Alexandria, LA on 19 Oct 2013.

I was running with my friend when she pointed out the woman wearing the boot due to an apparent injury.

"That's dedication!" my running partner said to the woman as we ran past her.

"What? What's dedication?" I inquired because, you know, I am all about being inspired and motivated.

I turned to see the woman with the boot on her foot smiling with pride as she ran with the boot on. She was moving at a steady pace and looking excited to be participating. I ran back and asked if I could take a photo for my website and she said yes. 

Not only was she running with the boot on but she was willing to be photographed to inspire others. Kudos to her and let her serve as an inspiration for you to DO WHAT YOU CAN! Sure, there may be reasons why you have to do something slower or modify and exercise, but you can always do something!

If you are not sure what that 'something' is, seek the help of a medical or fitness professional to help you learn ways to work out without injuring yourself.

By the way, I asked the runner in the photo if her foot hurt as she ran and she said it only hurt a little. Hopefully, she will see her physical therapist or some other medical professional to make sure she's okay.

Dear reader, I hope this short post helped you feel inspired and motivated.

As always, best wishes for your optimal health and wellness.

-Kaja Green-Tovar